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Welcome to Tech-Ni-Test


In decay of 70, Pakistan was surrounded by many problems and facing huge financial crises. At that time the oil boom in Gulf States required hundred and thousands of workers which actually they don’t have. In those circumstances Pakistani workers were welcomed and a large number of personnel got hired but unfortunately most of them were just laborers and there were no Trade Test and Training Center in Pakistan which may meet the requirements.

At that stage, TECH-NI-TEST was established in 1977 with missionary zeal to train and uplift our nation as well as to meet requirements of Gulf Countries. Soon after we made Technical courses and their curriculum and in the history of Pakistan, it is on record that we have provided the Technical course and their curriculums to various Technical Boards.

70s, the peek time of Pakistani manpower export and by the blessings of Allah our trained and evaluated personnel were got huge number of jobs and by the passage of time we trained and evaluated hundreds of personnel on behalf of our valued clients. At the moment, we have been in the field and serving our nation for the last over 36 years and proud of the fact that a very heavy percentage of our Trained Personnel succeeded in securing lucrative employment, mostly abroad. Not a single person, trained or selected by us, has ever been rejected or returned to Pakistan, on the grounds that the individual was not considered fit for the job. It shows our high standard of training and evaluation.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide technology-based training programs to enrich lives and strengthen the economy by preparing a work force that is skilled, diverse and flexible. We are committed to provide great professionals to the employers and career opportunities to job seekers throughout the country. We do not compromise on merit and maintain our high standard of selection under all circumstances.

Vision Statement

TECH-NI-TEST leads vocational and technical training to provide superior staffing solutions to our valued clients. Our vision is to be the business leader as staffing solutions provider by bringing the world Back on Job-track through Safe-ways.


Core Values

Brilliance with Passion – to commit to acquire their objectives via high standards of technical abilities being offered.

Patience with teamwork to develop an environment where morals of tolerance, joint effort and team work are valued. Be a practical and rewarding individual and group member via open communication.

Responsibility with accountabilityto be able to accept responsibilities regarding task at each step until completion.

Valued time with quality workto be able to take delight in work and to aim to outclass in all dimensions of work and training.

Honesty with humbleness - to promote an atmosphere that places value on modesty, mutual respect and selflessness in all dimensions of student work and in professional life.

Health with security - to promote an atmosphere that identifies the high standards of Heath hygiene and Safety/security at the workplace and their private lives.

Last but not the leastRegularity, consistency, Care for other workforce  and a Positive attitude.(hygiene and cleanliness) and Safety at the workplace and their private lives.