Academic policy

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The Academic Policy ensures the academic principles and requisites. All students are required to sustain enrollment status and become eligible for certificates at the end of course.  

Examinations and Grading
Each lesson requires an open book, multiple-choice examination. Courses may require students to complete and submit essays or hands-on projects.


APPROPRIATE FOR THE JOB                                    80% & above

APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR PURPOSE                   76% & 80%

B-CLASS Suitable                                                                 70% & 75%

Unsuitable OR FAIL                                                              Below 69%

In case a student fails a test he/test can retake the test.  For qualifying examinations one has to achieve at least 70%. We do not charge additionally from those students who might fail in their course. As a matter of fact we give additional all necessary retraining to those students in that period which might be from 2 to 4 weeks.

Graduation Requirements

The more you learn and do the hard work the better the result will be the result. Candidates must successfully complete 240 credit hours prescribed training with a minimum (B-CLASS)in any course to receive the certificate.

Award Certificates

The students who will get distinction in any course will be awarded by Excellent or Best Awards in Award Ceremony. These award certificates will enable prominent students to get lucrative jobs.

Code OF Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct defines a student's responsibilities and rights. It makes an environment that will support Training and Learning Process with respect to everyone in a professional manner. You are required to abide all rules and regulations mentioned blow.

Adequate Training and Learning

           Be present at all lectures and hand on training in labs & workshops.

           Come on time and remain in the class for complete training.

            Use equipment safely provided by or approved by the Instructor.

            Ensure mobile phones are turned off during classes.

Occupational Safety and Health Standards

             Must wear Training Coverall given by Institute.

             Adopt safe work practices in classrooms, workshops and in the premises of the institute

             Always adhere to ‘No smoking in the Institute premises’.

Maintenance of Tools & Equipments

             Report damaged or faulty tools and equipments.

             Always uphold good housekeeping.

             Use training equipments in their respective premises.

Respect for the Instructors and others

              Give respect to instructors, staff and visitors.

              Never use abusive language.

              Treat everyone equally.

Course Catalog
For detailed information about our Courses, grading system, exams, academic policy and procedures and more, please download Course Catalog (PDF).
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