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Welcome to our new and returning students

Congratulations on your decision to study at TECH-NI-TEST.

Enrolment for 2014 is now open.

Please note if you have applied for admission to study, you can't enroll until you have submitted required documents along with the training fee for the selected course. 

How to choose your course

Make right decision regarding courses selection for your program with our helpful advice.


        Your ambitions and interests.

        Be thoughtful about your skills, interest, ambitions and aptitude.

        Check your program prerequisites in courses.

        You normally need to meet the prerequisites to be able to enroll into courses.

Course advice

You can get reliable advice from our staff related to course outline and benefits of taking the course. You can also acquire advice on scheduling your courses at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi Campuses centre.

Enroll in a Course

Search to find the class; select a related course category, then select favorite / required course; view your proposed timeline, course outline and send us an enrollment request. That’s how finish enrolling.

Remember, you cannot enroll until you have:

1.      Applied for admission to a Course.

            2.      Submitted required documents along with Training fee of respective course.