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Easy Steps for Admission
You may contact us for your favorite course or do an online enrollment.  Just fill the online enrollment form, select your course, and within no time of submitting your enrollment form you will be contacted by our staff for further help. You may also call us for further information by phone at our campuses at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi

Courses Overview

The following detailed information about courses can be accessed at our webpage for courses.

1.       Introduction

2.       General Information; duration, Prerequisites, Instructors, Course Industry and                                    availability of courses at campuses.

3        Preferred Learning goals

4.       Information related to Instructional procedures 

5.       Detailed course outline.

Educational requirements
In general we are offering courses of 240 credit hours. If students want to learn theses courses they must have intermediate or at least basic level of education, as some courses may require graduation level of education as well. Educational requirements are divided into two (2) categories as follows.

Basic:                      Matriculate

Advance:            Intermediate or Graduate

Admission Requirements

For enrollment you will have to submit the following either you have filled online enrollment form or you came at any location of our campuses. Our staff will fill out or print out your enrollment form, after completion of admission process and you will get a Student Enrollment Card with Student ID.

1.       Your original CNIC and a copy

2.       Two recent photographs

3.       Contact number of two family members in case of any emergency

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The Academic Policy ensures the academic principles and requisites. All students are required to sustain enrollment status and become eligible for certificates at the end of course.