Spray painter (Vehicles)

Spray painter (Vehicles)
Spray Painters apply paint and other mechanical coatings to autos and an extensive variety of other fabricated items. They assess or test the car or surface they will paint, clean and set it up, expel unpleasant spots and sand, apply an undercoat, blend and set up the paint for application. They may utilize electronic paint blending innovation. They shower paint or powder, coat the vehicles or article, check the quality and profundity of their paintwork and shine the completed item.

General Information
Course Industry:
Spray painter (Vehicles)
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Hafeez, Mr. Ishtiaq
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses
Course Fee:
12,000 PKR ($240)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

•           Prepare surfaces to be covered utilizing distinctive methods (grating impacting,

             high weight water washing or power wire brushing) to expel oil, mud, soil and rust

•           Analyze extractors, drying fans and radiators

•           Spray coatings, (for example, paint, silver, polish, lacquer or copper arrangements)               onto made things or items rendering completed surfaces

•           Move things to drying regions and empty and heap them for further painting or                     bundling

•           Rub down painted items between coats

•           Operate paint plunging showers and transport gear

•           Touch up imperfect regions of painted things

•           Clean compartments, spouts and hoses of machines.


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:  Half an hour daily             (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                                                        One (01) hour daily            (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                                     Six (06) hour daily              (65%)



Core Unit

  • Apply safe job practices
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHIMS)
  • UNFPA Diamonds, Product Labels and MSDS


  • Apply environmental rules and best practices in a workplace or business  
  • Apply and analyze environmental regulations in the automotive mechanical industry      
  • Apply and analyze environmental regulations and body repair industry


  • Remove and replace electrical/electronic units/assemblies
  • Test, inspect, service and charge batteries               
  • Perform repairs to single electrical circuits 
  • Remove, refit and test electrical components for normal working following body repair activities
  • Manufacture and repair wiring harness/looms                    
  • Perform soldering of electrical wiring/circuits         

General Mechanical

  • Apply fundamental automotive troubleshooting processes              
  • Service air compressors and air lines                       
  • Visualize and interpret engineering drawings                      
  • Use and maintain measuring equipment                  
  • Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment               
  • Preparation of engineering drawings                       
  • Inspect automobile systems and determine preferred repair action                       
  • Ensure automobile safety/roadworthy inspection                
  • Perform diagnostic procedures                     
  • Inspect automobile for saleable items and determine their worth              
  • Interpret technical drawing               
  • Carry out engineering measurements                      
  • Use hand tools                       
  • Use power tools/hand held operations                     


  • Identify, clarify and resolve problems                       
  • Work efficiently as a team member             
  • Communicate effectively in the workplace              
  • Communicate business information              
  • Estimate complex work                     
  • Perform cash and/or credit/funds transfer transactions      
  • Process complaints of customers      
  • Maintain workplace safety                
  • Contribute to team effectiveness      
  • Organize personal work preferences and development                   
  • Apply first aid             
  • Drive vehicle              

Vehicle Body - Accessories

  • Remove, replace, fit and inspect parts/accessories             

Vehicle Body - Body Repair

  • Perform panel repairs                       
  • Perform pre-repair operations (vehicle body)
  • Remove, supplant and realign segments, jolt on boards and fittings
  • Remove and supplant/fit defender moldings, decals and exchanges
  • Remove and supplant mechanical units/gatherings
  • Deploy car sunroofs
  • Perform paint-less mark repairs
  • Repair body boards (beating and split repair)
  • Repair body boards (metal wrapping up)
  • Repair body boards (consolidating filler)
  • Repair body boards/parts (thermo plastic)
  • Repair/replaces basic harm (welding)
  • Repair/supplant basic harm (riveting)
  • Replace major welded boards
  • Repair body segments by means of lead wiping
  • Repair vehicles body misalignment
  • Carry out real sectional repair
  • Remove and supplant cement fortified boards and structures
  • Remove and supplant supplementary restriction frameworks (SRS)
  • Install vehicles body segment seals
  •  Repair eroded boards and segments
  • Repair aluminum body panels (finishing)                 
  • Repair aluminum body panels (filling)                      

Vehicle Body - Fabrication

  •  Perform parts' manufacture
  •  Perform carpentry operations for creation
  •  Repair molds, casings, attachments and ground surface utilizing wood materials
  •  Fabricate composite material parts
  •  Repair fiberglass/composite material parts

Frame Repairs

  • Repair and align motorcycle frames             
  • Repair chassis/frame and related components        

Vehicle Body - Glass, Windscreens and Tinting

  • Remove and introduce back vision mirrors
  • Repair covered glass
  • Remove and introduce elastic coated windscreens
  • Remove and introduce butyl fixed windscreens
  • Remove and introduce direct coated windscreens
  • Remove and introduce surrounded sort windscreens
  • Prepare surfaces and apply window tinting
  • Cut and prepare level overlaid glass
  •  Remove and introduce settled body glass
  •  Remove and introduce versatile body glass
  •  Install side windows
  •  Remove and introduce elastic and urethane (substantial vehicle) coated windscreens
  •  Remove and introduce substantial vehicles windscreens
  •  Move glass sheets by hand
  •  Store and handle glass
  •  Assess glass and coating prerequisites
  •  Clean glass surfaces

Vehicle Body - Paint and Refinish

  •   Apply paint evacuation strategies
  •   Apply acrylic enamel resurfacing materials
  •   Perform concealing techniques
  •   Prepare shower painting materials and gear
  •   Apply essential shading coordinating strategies
  •   Apply rust avoidance systems and sound stifling materials
  •   Prepare car segments for paint repairs
  •   Apply paint touch-up methods
  •   Perform custom illustrations outline and format methods
  •   Perform fundamental digitally embellish application strategies
  •   Prepare shower stall and paint drying gear
  •    Apply strong acrylic polish resurfacing materials (2 part framework)
  •   Apply clear over base restoring materials (2 part framework)
  •   Apply air dry and polyurethane polish resurfacing materials
  •   Apply clear over base multi layer/pearl restoring materials
  •   Apply water base restoring materials
  •   Prepare substrate for restoring
  •   Apply multi layer/clear over base shading coordinating procedures
  •   Apply strong shading coordinating procedures
  •   Carry out paint correction and touch up work for solids (two part framework)
  •   Carry out paint correction and touch up work for clear over base (2 part framework)
  •   Carry out paint correction and touch up work for multi layer/pearl (2 part framework)
  •   Prepare and paint plastic segments
  •   Carry out denibbing, cleaning and buffing
  •   Perform custom painting systems

Vehicle Body - Trimming

  •  Carry out sewing repairs and adjustments
  •   Carry out trim repairs and adjustments
  •   Remove and supplant vehicles inside trim segments
  •  Carry out trimming of vehicles parts
  •  Choose and apply trim/fabric materials and decide connection techniques
  •   choose and apply trim/fabric cements
  •   Remove and supplant vehicle head lining
  •   Repair seat outlines
  •   Perform sewing operations
  •   Fabricate and introduce free and fitted spreads
  •   Fabricate and introduce marine spreads
  •   Fabricate and introduce canvas items
  •   Fabricate and introduce outline structures
  •   Fabricate and introduce floor covers
  •   Fabricate and introduce hoods (delicate tops)
  •   Fabricate and introduce coverings and draperies          

Vehicle Presentation

  •   Prepare vehicles/unit/gear for client use
  •   Wash/clean vehicles body and entryway holes
  •   Wash/clean vehicles motor and motor compartment
  •   Wash/clean vehicles underbody
  •   Clean and complete plastic trim and fittings
  •   Clean and complete vehicles inner trim and seats
  •   Clean and shine car outside paint
  •   Remove and supplant seats and interior fittings
  •   Restore vehicles outside paint

Vehicle Salvage

  •  Apply lawful determinations for car dismantlers
  •  Disassemble and test car units/segments
  •  Remove salvageable units
  •   Determine car salvage technique and discover cost
  •   Recover car


  •  Perform manual metal curve welding methods
  •  Perform brazing methods
  •  Perform gas tungsten curve (TIG) welding methods
  •  Perform routine gas metal curve welding
  •  Choose welding forms
  •  Apply protected welding hones

Soft Soldering

  • Perform soft soldering techniques    
  • Perform soft soldering           

Gas Metal Arc

  • Perform gas metal arc (MIG) welding procedures               
  • Weld using gas metal arc welding process   

Automotive Oxy Acetylene Welding

  • Perform thermal cutting, oxy-acetylene welding, and thermal heating procedures                       

Manufacturing Oxy Acetylene Welding

  • Carry out routine oxy acetylene welding                  
  • Carry out manual heating and thermal cutting