Security Guard

Security Guard
The security guards are responsible for maintaining the security and safety of individuals in designated area by patrolling places and obeying the guidelines and regulations. They authorize entrance to the premises as well as specify report on daily basis. Incase of any emergency, security guards are also responsible to alarm the premises and call police or fire department.

General Information
Course Industry:
Security Guard
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Riaz Ahmed Malik
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses
Course Fee:
8,000 PKR ($160)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

•           Patrol business premises to anticipate and distinguish indications of interruption

              and decide security

•           Respond to cautions and examine anomalies and unsettling influences.

•           Monitor and check passage and flight of workers, guests, and other

            individuals to secure against burglary or theft

•           Specify reports of every day exercises and aggravations, for example, robbery,

             gear or property harm, nearness of unapproved people, or irregular events.

•           Call police or fire offices in instances of crisis circumstances.

•           Spread among supporters, guests and representatives to save request, get

             together and secure property.

•           Respond to phone calls to take messages, answer addresses, and give

             data amid non-working hours or while switchboard is shut.

•           Warn individuals of guideline infringement, and expel violators from premises,

             utilizing power as required.

•           Operate recognizing gadgets to screen people and anticipate section of denied

             articles into confined zones.

•           Drive vehicles to transport individuals to specific areas and to give individual


•           Inspect and design security frameworks, gadgets, and gear to guarantee

            operational utilize and to recognize verification of altering.

•           Drive and monitor reinforced vehicles to transport cash and advantages for

            forestall robbery what's more, guarantee safe conveyance. 


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training: Half an hour daily            (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                                                      One (01) hour daily            (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                                   Six (06) hour daily              (65%)


COURSE CONTENTS:                       

Introduction to security industry

  •          Functions of a security guard and his responsibilities
  •          Concepts of detect, deter, and report.
  •          Duties commonly done by security guards.

Health and Safety

  •          Occupational Health and Safety
  •          Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard

  •          Overview of Duties and Responsibilities
  •          The Security of People
  •          The Security of Property
  •          The Security of Information
  •          Assignments and Duties

Basic Security Procedures

  •          Decision-making
  •          Recognizing patterns (situational awareness)
  •          Observing minor, yet critical details
  •          Recognizing typicality and detecting anomalies
  •          Improvising responses
  •          Interpreting and adapting to events
  •          Prioritizing actions

Behavior of Security: Professionalism and Public Relation

  •          Professionalism and Personal Presentation
  •          Discipline and Integrity
  •          Customer Service
  •          Communications for Security Guards.
  •          Crowd Control

The Security Guard and the Legal System

  •          An Introduction to the Criminal Law
  •          The Common Law and Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  •          Use of Force
  •          Common Offences
  •          Common Defenses

Access Control and Alarm Systems

  •          Access Control Systems
  •          Technology Used to Control Access/Egress
  •          Materials Access
  •          Alarm Systems
  •          General Operating Procedures

Note Taking, Reports and Evidence

  •          Taking Notes
  •          Reports
  •          Evidence/Proof

Response to Immediate Crisis

  •          Fire Safety
  •          Bomb Threats
  •          Evacuation

General Patrol Tactics and Techniques

  •          Surveillance of premises
  •          Foot Patrol Procedure
  •          Vehicle Patrol Procedure