Lead Man (All trade)

Lead Man (All trade)
The leadman serve as an assistant or sub-ordinate to a foreman or the manager. If problems take place, it is the responsibility of leadman to provide their solutions. The leadman is regarded to guarantee that projects are accomplished accurately, on time and within budget. A leadman also is regarded to monitor employees' performance and maintain the report needed by each job, such as inspections, time sheets or engineering diagrams.

General Information
Course Industry:
Lead Man (All trade)
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Raja Muhammad Akbar
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses
Course Fee:
17,000 PKR ($340)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

·                  Carry out verbal and written communication

·                  Design and develop the project plan

·                  Do planning as well as scheduling of site

·                  Know and comply with the company’s safety policies and regulations. 

·                  Performs housekeeping tasks. 

·                  Carry out duties as assigned by Lead man/Fore man. 


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:  Half an hour daily              (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                                                      One (01) hour daily              (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                                  Six (06) hour daily                (65%)



Oral & Written Communication

                       .                 Types and Sorts of correspondence

                       .                  Difficulties from poor correspondence

                       .                  Efficient listening aptitudes

                       .                  Elements of discussion

                       .                  Communicating with your group, and your customer

                       .                  High quality and clear written work aptitudes and conduct

                       .                  Supporting and partaking in meeting

                       .                   Oral and composed correspondence

                       .                   Basic venture subtle elements to be recorded

Planning and Scheduling

                         .                 Preparing the undertaking arrangement

                         .                 Designing and utilizing bar outline and fortnight look ahead

                         .                 The basic way and comprehension of the essential terms including            


                         .                 Using the timetable at work site

                         .                 Computerized planning

                         .                 Updating development plan

                         .                 The calendar as documentation

                         .                 Analyzing adjusted request and its impact on the calendar

                         .                 Job and calendar following

                         .                 Manpower stacking graph and principal highlights

                         .                 Trapezoidal labor stacking

Field Productivity Improvement

·                  Benchmarking development profitability   

·                   Making profitability better through materials taking care of

                      and also administration

·                   Tools administration

·                   Jobsite arranging, profitability and planning 

·                   Subcontractors administration 

·                   Quantifying lost profitability

·                   Productivity following and record keeping

·                   Improving information stream and pre-undertaking meeting

Contract Documents and Construction Law

·                   Introduction to contract records and development law 

·                   Contractual connections

·                   Employment laws, separation and inappropriate behavior 

·                   Contract structures and records

·                   Managing general conditions  

·                   Good documentation hones 

·                   Alterations 

·                   Differing site conditions 

·                   Time impacts

Leadership and Motivation

·                  Initiative styles (Pros and cons of each) 

·                  Personal profile (Disk) and venture determinations

·                  Understanding individual needs and practices 

·                  Positive impacts on undertaking states of mind and group


·                  Improving Leadership abilities

·                 The pioneer picks up duty 

·                 Efficient initiative style  

Pricing change orders and project cost awareness

                                    .                   Interpreting and Managing modified request

                                    .                   Construction estimation and cost breakdown

                                    .                   Influence of laborers' remuneration and EMR proportion

                                    .                   Reporting and breaking down precise expenses

                                    .                   Cost control arranging

                                    .                   Labor cost control and disentangled earned worth


                                    .                   Controlling subcontractors

                                    .                   Risk and Cost control methodologies

                                    .                   Post–project assessment and counts of Labor Factor

Site Safety and Accident Prevention

·                 The high cost of accidents

·                 Safety correspondence and inspiration  

·                  Best security rehearses 

·                  Using reference material and counseling sources 

·                  Project security and movement control  

·                  Using the venture calendar to avoid harm

·                  Choosing devices and procedures to avoid harm

·                  Experience adjustment element (EMR)

·                  General development risks (trenches, cranes, and falling)

·                  Government controls and testing

Managing the Project: The Foreman's Role

                         .           Interpreting Project Delivery Systems

                         .           Managing Information 

                         .           Risk administration

                         .           Planning the Work (pre-assignment meeting and RFI)

                         .           Managing Techniques and Materials

                         .           Understanding Finances

                         .           Working with Project Partners

                         .           Understanding people

                         .           Understanding Company Polices/Procedures

Problem Solving and Decision Making

·            Issue counteractive action and reckoning          

·            Identifying troubles and provisos      

·            Find answer for booking and specialized issues 

·            Plans for human execution issues settling    

·            Creative critical thinking     

·            Hindrances in imaginative arrangements improvement   

·            Creating a critical thinking environment 

·            Establishing follow–up frameworks


Pre-Construction Planning

·            pre-planning forms

·            Turnover meeting

·            Success conditions

·            Pre-construction planning steps (50 steps)

·            Basis for excellent projects

·            Basis for poor projects