Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Procedures and techniques oxyacetylene welding and Cutting; Includes health, safety and environmental practices, welding terminology, oxyacetylene welding equipment, proper welding procedures, oxyacetylene steel welding, welding machines and Equipments, filler metal identification, welding positions, and oxyacetylene cutting.

General Information
Course Industry:
Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Course duration:
240 Credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Asif Jah, Mr. Rajab Ali
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses
Course Fee:
15,000 PKR ($300)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

•           Describe the wellbeing, security, and natural practices

•           Describe the welding wording utilized as a part of oxyacetylene welding and                           Cutting procedure.

•           Identify and portray the best possible taking care of and gathering welding gear.

•           Demonstrate oxyacetylene fire cutting techniques.

•           Describe and show oxyacetylene welding and Cutting procedures.

•           Identify the uses of filler metals and cathodes.

•           Demonstrate welding in level, vertical, flat, and overhead positions

•           Demonstrate hand and track light methods for oxyacetylene cutting. 

Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:  Half an hour daily              (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                                                        One (01) hour daily              (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                                     Six (06) hour daily                (65%)



Health, Safety, and Environmental Practices

  •               Eye protection
  •               Protective clothing
  •               Equipment handling
  •               Safety features to welding processes
  •               Shop clean-up procedures
  •               Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations
  •               Ventilation requirements
  •               Waste disposal
  •               Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Welding Terminology

  •               Definitions
  •               Applications

Arc and Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment

  •               Identification
  •               Proper handling
  •               Assembly
  •               Types of gases
  •               Handling of cylinders
  •               Types of regulators
  •               Hose size and safety features
  •               Torch handling and types
  •               Arc welding helmets and lenses
  •               Power tools

Proper Welding Procedures for Arc and Oxyacetylene

  •               Electrode size
  •               Amperage settings
  •               Arc length
  •               Speed of travel
  •               Electrode angle
  •               Flame adjustment
  •               Tip size
  •               Torch angle

Arc and Oxyacetylene Steel Welding

  •               Definition
  •               Application
  •               Processes
  •               Regulator pressure settings
  •               Lighting the torch
  •               Flame adjustment
  •               Clamping and tacking procedures

Welding Machines and Polarities

  •               Alternating Current (AC) machines
  •               Direct Current (DC) machines
  •               Polarities
  •               AC current
  •               DC current

Filler Metal Identification

  •               Digit selection
  •               Identification of gas welding rods
  •               Application

Welding Positions

  •               Flat
  •               Vertical
  •               Horizontal
  •               Overhead

Oxyacetylene Cutting

  •               Hand cutting torch

o    Lighting
o    Flame adjustment
o    Procedures

  •               Track torch
  •               Lighting
  •               Flame adjustment
  •                Procedures