Hydraulic Mechanic

Hydraulic Mechanic
A hydraulic mechanic is the one who has responsibilities to keep maintenance of heavy hydraulic equipments, mainly responsible for heavy equipment repairs and regulates diesel power components.

General Information
Course Industry:
Hydraulic Mechanic
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Ishtiaq Ahmed
Middle or Matriculate.
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses.
Course Fee:
12,000 PKR ($240)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

  •          Analyze hydraulic units by their schematic symbols.
  •          Comprehend the applications of both primary and auxiliary units.
  •          Choose the accurate valves, motors and actuators to acquire preferred results.
  •          Devise simple hydraulic circuits by means of schematics.
  •          Detect and avoid general system and component issues
  •          Determine applications for installation and charging of an accumulator.
  •          Choose size, seal and route hydraulic pipes and hoses.
  •          Control filtration, heat and contamination in hydraulic systems.
  •         Work with hydraulic fluids and elements in a safe, friendly environmental setting.
  •          Accurately test and inspect hydraulic systems.
  •          Diagnose system versus unit failures.
  •          Analyze the cause and effect of altering or resizing system units.


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:Half an hour daily      (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                             One (01) hour daily      (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                  Six (06) hour daily        (65%)



Introduction to Hydraulic Systems

  •          Power Transmission
  •          Actuators
  •          Reservoirs
  •          Pumps
  •          Directional Control Valves
  •          Pressure Relief Valves
  •          Pascal's Law
  •          Horsepower
  •          Speed and Pressure

Hydraulic Schematics

  •          Reservoir and Filter
  •          Pump and Motor
  •          Piston Actuator and Valve
  •          Directional Control Valve
  •          Piston Positions
  •          Flow Lines
  •          Same Housing units

Hydraulic Fluid

  •          Piston Actuator Lubrication
  •          Directional Control Valve
  •          Fluid Characteristics
  •          Fluid Types
  •          Contamination
  •          Reservoirs
  •          Strainers and Filters
  •          Bypass Check Valve
  •          Piping

Hydraulic Pump Applications

  •          Pump role
  •          Pressure Principles: Pumping
  •          Cavitation and Aeration
  •          Variable Volume System
  •          High-Low Pumps
  •          Variable Volume Pumps
  •          Reversible Pumps

Positive Displacement Pumps

  •          Vane Pumps
  •          Vane Pump units
  •          Pressure Compensator Spring
  •          Piston Pumps
  •          Axial Pumps

Hydraulic Accumulators

  •          Accumulators purpose
  •          Application
  •          Secondary aims
  •          Depressurizing
  •          Gas-Charged units
  •          Bladder Reaction

Pressure Control Principles

  •          Pressure properties
  •          Pressure / Flow Relationship
  •          Depressurization
  •          Pressure Control Valves
  •          Pressure Differential

Pressure Control Operation

  •          Direct-Acting Valve
  •          Pressure Override
  •          Pilot Valve
  •          Pilot Valve units
  •          Pilot Valve working
  •          Shut Off Valve
  •          Normally Open Valve
  •          Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Control Valve Application

  •          Pressure Control Valves
  •          Counterbalance Valves
  •          Sequence Valves
  •          Pressure-Reducing Valve

Directional Control Principles

  •          Valves, Ports, and recognition
  •          Valve Operation
  •          Closed Center and Open Center Valves
  •          Tandem Center and Float Center Valves
  •          Predetermined Valve Positions
  •          Valve Actuation
  •          Pilot Operated Valve

Flow Control Valves

  •          Speed and Flow Rate Formula
  •          Needle Valve
  •          Differential Pressure
  •          Pressure Compensated Valves
  •          Meter-Out and Meter In

Actuator Cylinders

  •          Single-Acting Cylinders
  •          Double-Acting Cylinders
  •          Drill and Clamp Cylinders
  •          Flow Control Check Valves
  •          Cylinder Operation
  •          Cylinder Seals
  •          Leakage Test

Hydraulic Motors

  •          Rotary Motion
  •          Motor Types
  •          Motor Horsepower
  •          Motors/Variable Volume Pumps
  •          Valves providing Braking