AC Technician

AC Technician
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician deploys, maintain, repair and examine commercial, industrial and residential refrigeration and air conditioning systems and their components.

General Information
Course Industry:
AC Technician
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Shafique Ahmed
Matriculate or Intermediate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses.
Course Fee:
10,000 PKR ($200)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to

  • Understand and confirm workplace health and safety.
  • Safe hand and power tools usage and maintenance.
  • Gain detail knowledge of air conditioning and refrigeration units.
  • Have enough knowledge of the electrical and automated controls.
  • Use testing instruments such as vacuum pump, multimeter and pressure gauges.
  • Be capable of assembly, disassembly, installation and examination of all parts.
  • Perform all Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician tasks as necessary.

Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following manner:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training: Half an hour daily  (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:  One (01) hour daily (25%)

Hands on Training: Six (06) hour daily (65%)




  • Fundamental Safety during Operation of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Flow of Air, humidity and temperature for pleasant environment
  • Overview of Refrigeration cycle and different parts.
  • Charging and vacuum the system
  • Hand and power tools familiarity and their uses

Tubing and Pipe

  • copper tubing & fittings
  • Cutting, flaring & bending
  • Utilizing plastic & steel pipe, pipe fittings and tools
  • swaged and flared connections
  • pipe leaks repair
  • rigid plastic pipe Solvent-welding.

Soldering, Brazing & Flame-Cutting

  • Soldering /brazing
  • accurate alloys and fluxes selection
  • Learn Safe soldering
  • Know Air-fuel torches & gas cylinders
  • pressure regulators connection and operation
  • Air-fuel brazing
  • cylinders and torches selection
  • Oxy-acetylene apparatus and instruments for brazing and cutting metal.

Math for Technicians

  • Place values, decimals, fractions
  • Measurements: Two- dimensional & three-dimensional
  • Temperature scales: Fahrenheit vs. Celsius
  • Volume, area, percentages
  • Thermodynamics, Pressure & Temperature
  • Heat measurements
  • BTU's, superheat, saturated conditions, sub-cooling
  • Measuring Refrigeration & pressure
  • Charles' & Boyle's Laws

The Refrigerant System Cycle

  • The refrigeration cycle
  • refrigeration system parts: Domestic & commercial
  • Valves
  • Gauge manifold

Refrigerants and Their Recovery

  • types & applications of Refrigerants
  • Using charts: Temperature-pressure
  • superheat calculation
  • Pumping ratio problems
  • Safety measurements
  • Ozone layer depletion
  • Techniques for Recovery & recycling

Refrigerant Blends and Troubleshooting

  • Familiarity with fractionation, dew point, bubble point and temperature glide
  • Understanding temperature-pressure card for blends
  • Choosing lubricants, carrying out a system retrofit to a blend
  • Refrigerant contamination issues, leaks detection
  • Refrigerant cylinders usage, pressure problems correction, system charging.

Refrigerant Controls

  • Expansion valves: Automated & thermostatic
  • Installation and adjustment of capillary tubes
  • Using Equalized valves
  • Multiplexed evaporator operations.

Valves, Troubleshooting Flow Controls

  • Hand & check valves
  • installation and troubleshooting of Solenoid valves
  • installation and adjustment of Head pressure
  • Control & hot gas bypass valves
  • System diagnosis & repair

Compressors and Their Lubrication

  • forms and designs of Compressor
  • Compliant scroll compressors and disc-type valve
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • V-belts selection, sizing & substitution
  • Pulleys & flywheels alignment
  • Oil addition & removal
  • liquid migration controlling
  • compressor€™s Vibration eliminators

Water Chillers

  • Vapor compression
  • Low pressure water chillers
  • Centrifugal &  absorption chiller operation
  • Systems: Open- & closed-loop
  • Ammonia & lithium bromide absorption cycles
  • inspecting refrigerant leaks


Electricity Basics

  • voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter uses
  • Ohm's Law, open & short circuits
  • Wire sizes
  • loads and switches connection
  • Plugs, switches and receptacles
  • Utilizing Portable power tools

Electrical Circuits & Motors

  • electrical power Transmission
  • Transformers
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Motors types and details
  • Dual-voltage motors and induction motors
  • Learn about Motor connections, capacitors & transformers
  • Learn about Compressor terminals
  • Fans & blowers, motor bearings
  • Relays, Solenoids & Motor Controls
  • Learn about Electromagnetic control devices
  • Solenoid valves, relays, connectors
  • contactors and line starters troubleshooting
  • learn diagrams tracing
  • Motor controls & thermostat
  • Learn pump down cycles adjustment & safety controls

Defrost Cycles

  • Time clocks, defrost cycles
  • connection & troubleshooting of Defrost terminator
  • Thermostats

Gas and Oil Heat with Air Conditioning

  • Parts of Gas heat system
  • Burner flames
  • Wiring cooling & heating system units,
  • Setting of combustion & electrodes
  • Know about Essential control & stack control
  • Learn about flame safeguarding & oil furnace problems

Electric Heat with Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

  • electric heating systems components
  • Wiring connections, two-stage heating systems
  • Isolating low-voltage control circuits from line-voltage circuits Knowledge, heat pump working