Aluminium Technician

Aluminium Technician
Aluminum Technician is a development tradesperson who chooses, cuts, introduces, replaces, and evacuates private, business, and creative aluminum storefront edges and doorways, glass handrails and balustrades, shower fenced in areas, drape divider confining and glass and reflect dividers.

General Information
Course Industry:
Aluminium Technician
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Mr Asad Ali
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses.
Course Fee:
17,000 PKR ($340)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

  • Read and interpret drawings and detail, area of confining and techniques for establishment.
  • Measure openings for size and shape, stamp and cut aluminum areas and glass sheets to fit, secure the sheets set up, weatherproof joints, and amass and introduce aluminum window parts.
  • Fabricate and gather units, for example, spinning entryways, show cases, fortified glass, shower entryways, store fronts, programmed entryways, bay windows, slanted coating, shade dividers, barrel vaults, solariums and other bolster structures. 

Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:Half an hour daily (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:One (01) hour daily (25%)

Hands on Training: Six (06) hour daily (65%)



  • Introduction to aluminum section
  • Use of sections as per requirement
  • Cutting of required Sections
  • Aluminum fabrication and glass cutting

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Workplace Safety and Health Program
  • Safety in fabrication shops
  • Familiarization and practice of fire safety equipments
  • Precautions to be followed during working

Hand & Power Tools

  • Study & practice hand and power tools

Accessories & material

  • Study and practice of available accessories
  • Identification and use Aluminum Sections
  • Use of Angles, rubber beading, roller, hinges, locks, rivets, silicon and fiber sheet
  • Door and window handles

Estimating and Plans

  • Area, volume, mass & density measurements
  • Mathematic Functions
  • Learn  Estimating & costing
  • Calculations for Glazing Materials
  • Basic Drawing blueprints and Shop Drawings

Aluminum Fabrication

  • Fabricating sliding window scale model
  • Drawing & fabricating super sliding window scale model
  • Drawing & fabricating hinged window scale model
  • Drawing & fabricating door-site outer railing and lowers scale model
  • Drawing & fabricating  rack of different sizes for open window
  • Fabricating kitchen cabinet utilizing hinged door with lock


  • Window Screens
  • Types and Interpret Glass Specifications
  • Materials and Installation Procedures
  • Commercial Glazing
  • Glazing Installation
  • Case Glass and Hardware
  • Glazing compounds and sealants