Steel Fixer

Steel Fixer
The job of Steel Fixer is to position and secure steel bars or steel mesh in such a way that it strengthen concrete structures.

General Information
Course Industry:
Steel Fixer
Course duration:
240 Credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Asif Shah
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses
Course Fee:
7,000 PKR ($140)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to


  •       Choose suitable tools in accordance with the job.
  •        Learn bars Measuring, cutting and bending.
  •        set up bar bends, hooks and overlaps.
  •        How to Bind the steel bars.
  •        Learn steel bars cutting, bending and binding according to bar bending schedule.
  •        Preparing steel bars by  Fixing / fabricating for different structural members of                   concrete structures.


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:   Half an hour daily             (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                                                         One (01) hour daily           (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                                      Six (06) hour daily             (65%)



Steel Fixing Fundamentals

  • Introduction, types & Grades
  • Bar Types and Sizes (Plain, deformed, tar & coated bars)


  • Introduction Types: PPC, RCC, pre-stressed concrete, precast concrete and cast in situ concrete.

Steel’s Role in concrete construction

  • Concrete’s Tension and compression
  • bars bends, hooks and overlaps
  • Concrete cover, effective depth, overall depth

Tools used in Steel Fixing

  • Tools Introduction.
  • Tools Care and maintenance.

Basic Mathematics

  • whole numbers Additions and subtraction
  • whole numbers Multiplication and division
  • fractions Multiplication and division
  • fractions Addition and subtraction
  • decimal fractions Addition and subtraction
  • decimal fractions Multiplication and division
  • Learn Percentage

Measurement System

  • Foot pound system
  • Parts / fraction of inches and foot
  • Metric system of measurement
  • parts of units and multiples
  • Conversions: foot pound to metric system & vice versa.
  • Measurements Conversion, addition, subtraction and multiplication & division.


  • Angle & its units
  • Angles types
  • Drawing common angles (30O, 45O, 60O, 90O)

Surface Area

  • rectilinear plane figures
  • angular plane figures

Safety & Health

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Precautions during steel bending, cutting and fixing
  • Safe storage and handling of material
  • First Aid treatment
  • bleeding, fractures, eye injuries and electric shocks First aid treatment
  • working at height safety

Measuring, Cutting, Bending & Binding Practices

  • Diameter of the bar and length of bars Measurements.
  • Quality assurance while cutting the bars.
  • Cutting practice of different types and sizes of steel bar.
  • straight bars cut length, bend-up rings, bars, stirrups calculations
  • cut length of straight bars and bend up bars: calculations practice
  • cut length of stirrups of different types and shapes: calculations practice
  • hooks and bends making.
  • making bend up bar at 45
  • binding wires introduction (size, quality).
  • binding the bars methods.
  • bar binding with binding wire: practice.
  • making ring & stirrups: practice

Column Base

  • drawing of column base dowel bars
  • cut lengths of bars calculations
  • Making spacer: other materials/concrete
  • cutting, making bends of steel bars for column base
  • Fixing of steel bars on the prepare bed for column base


  • Structural Drawing of column
  • cut lengths and number of bars and stirrups / rings for column calculations
  • making ring / stirrups for hexagonal,  rectangular, and circular column.
  • cutting, making bends, placing and binding of steel bars and ring / stirrups for column


  • structural drawing of simply supported continuous and cantilever beam.
  • cut lengths and number of bars for lintel and simply supported beam.
  • cutting, making bends, bend-up bars and stirrups: practice
  • placing and binding of steel bars for simply supported beam & lintels: practice
  • Calculation of cut lengths bars and stirrups and number of bars for continuous beam

RCC Slabs

  • Slabs structural drawing Introduction
  • cut lengths calculation
  • steel bars cutting, bending & bend-up bars practice
  • steel bars fabrication for different slabs

Retaining Wall

  • retaining wall structural drawing
  • R.C.C retaining wall related calculations.
  • steel bars cutting, bending for R.C.C retaining wall
  • steel bars fabrication

Raft Foundation

  • Raft foundation structural drawing.
  • cut lengths, and number of bars calculation
  • steel bars cutting, bending bars for Raft foundation
  • steel bars fabrication

Pile Foundation

  • pile foundation structural drawing.
  • cut lengths of bars and rings calculation
  • number of rings for a small pile calculation
  • cutting and making rings practice.
  • cage fabrication according to drawing.

RCC Arch

  • structural drawing of introduction (semi circular and segmental)
  • cut lengths of bars & rings calculation
  • cutting, bending practice
  • centering fabrication (prototype)
  • steel bars fabrication

RCC Stairs

  • structural drawing Introduction
  • cut lengths & number of bars calculation for different stairs
  • cutting, bending placing and binding practice for different stairs
  • sample form work fabrication for different stairs
  • steel bars fabrication

Domes & Shell Structures

  • dome and shell structure structural drawing Introduction
  •  steel bars cutting bending, placing and binding demo

RCC Water Tank

  • water tank structural drawing intro
  • Cutting bending, placing & binding of steel bars practice for a small domestic water
  • cutting, bending, placing of bars for a small underground water tank