Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Mechanic

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Mechanic
The Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Mechanic repairs, fits, maintains and services diesel powered automobiles, heavy construction equipment, graders, heavy trucks, excavators, dump trucks and pickup trucks. He identifies equipment problems and find out repairs required and shows constant effort to improve operations, minimize turnaround times, and streamline work procedures. May be asked to operate additional equipment or connect in activities as Sabina sees fit. Expectations of our mechanics are strict and we need them to act in a professional way at all times. We offer competitive pays and a comfortable job setting.

General Information
Course Industry:
Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Mechanic
Course duration:
240 credit hours (45 days)
Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed
Middle or Matriculate
Course availability:
Available at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi campuses.
Course Fee:
12,000 PKR ($240)

Desire Learning Objective

This course will help you to:

  • Carry out deployment, maintenance, repair and replacement of diesel engine systems.
  • Troubleshoot engine efficiency problems for customers, offer suggestions for problem
    solving, supply estimates to client for repair, replacement, and installation on
    the basis of problem identification and repair or replacement recommendation. 

  • Perform routine and annual maintenance engines. 


Instructional Techniques

We impart knowledge and Practical Training in following way:

Ethics, discipline, motivation, health and safety training:          Half an hour daily   (10%) 

Theoretical knowledge:                                                            One (01) hour daily              (25%)

Hands on Training:                                                                   Six (06) hour daily                (65%)



Engine Preventive maintenance

  •          Diesel Engine Preventative Maintenance
  •          Basics of truck equipment
  •          General preventative maintenance techniques
  •          Mechanics Safe and healthy work practices
  •          Hand and Power tools
  •          Electrical System
  •          Fuel and Fuel system
  •          Brakes, Suspension and Steering
  •          Ignition system
  •          Tires and Wheels

Engine Repair Technology

  •          Mechanical condition of diesel engines
  •          Engine block parts/assembly
  •          Cylinder head and valve train units/assembly
  •          Diesel fuel systems
  •          Mechanical diesel pump systems
  •          Engine removal, assembly and disassembly

Electrical systems

  •          Electrical principles and diagnosis
  •          Batteries
  •          Charging system
  •          Starting system
  •          Ignition system
  •          Electrical schematic symbols
  •          Digital/Volt/Ohmmeter use

Engine Manual Drive

  •          Manual transmission theory
  •          Mechanical clutch
  •          RWD vehicle drive axle, shaft and differential assembly
  •          Transmission electrical controls
  •          Manual transmission checking
  •          Differential axle checking

Heating and Air Conditioning

  •          Cooling systems
  •          Heating systems
  •          Basic thermodynamics
  •          Fundamental refrigeration system
  •          Fundamental service procedures
  •          Compressor service
  •          Applied service techniques
  •          Specialized systems
  •          Diagnosis of systems
  •          Automatic temperature control

Braking System

  •          Foundation Brake systems
  •          Hydraulic brake systems
  •          Truck wheels and tires
  •          Air brake system
  •          Disc/drum brakes
  •          Brake power assist systems
  •          Anti-lock brake systems (ABS)

Diesel Engine Performance

  •          Scan tests and equipment hard code malfunctioning
  •          Computerized diesel equipment
  •          Oscilloscope and scan tools
  •          Computer input and output faults
  •          Strategy based diagnostics