All the requirements and professional evaluation standards are covered by our Trade Test Policy. Candidates are required adhering the policy to fulfill Trade Test policy.

Examinations and Grading

Grading system is as follows.


  • APPROPRIATE FOR THE JOB                            80% and above
  • APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR GOAL                   76% to 80%
  • B-CLASS APPROPRIATE                                       70% to 75%
  • UNSUITABLE OR FAIL                                            Below 70%

In case a student fails a test he/test can retake the test.  For qualifying examinations one has to achieve at least 70%. However Trade Test fee charges are applicable in every retake attempt.


The Code of Conduct for Candidates wants to undergo for Trade Test defines their responsibilities and rights. It makes an environment that will support Technical Evaluation Process in a professional manner. You are required to abide all rules and regulations mentioned below:

  •  Use equipment safely provided by the staff.
  •  Ensure mobile phones are turned off during Test.
  •  Bring coverall with you for your safety.
  •  Adopt safe work practices in the premises.
  •  Always adhere to ‘No smoking in the premises.
  •  Give respect to instructors, staff and visitors.
  •  Never use abusive language.

Trade Test Fees

For detailed information about Trade Testing Fees please download Trade Test Fees (PDF)


You will have to sign the declaration before preceding the Trade Test that TECH-NI-TEST is not responsible in case of occurrence of any accident during Trade Test.  In case of delay in Trade Test, Trade Test will be conducted next day; the Trade Test fee is not refundable.

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