Trade Test

All praises to God by whose will we can now declare that our organization is recognized as well reputed organization amongst the Manpower and Recruiting agencies including Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan who refers staff to us for performing trade tests.

It may also be mentioned that some well-established firms abroad also persist on the Recruiting Agencies in Pakistan for recommending candidates for trade tests at our organization. We ensure to maintain the faith and trust of our clients by all possible means.

Testing procedure

Each candidate is issued a Test slip. Each candidate is obliged to bring two photographs for identification and interview purposes. One photo is pasted on the Trade Test Report issued on successful completion of trade test and the other is for trade test slip. Once test is conducted, Confidential Evaluation Report is sent to the concerning OEP directly.

Testing Methods

There are two types of testing method in our organization:

  • Oral / aptitude test
  • Practical test

Oral Test

The oral test also termed as aptitude test conducted assess the overall potential, abilities and Professional awareness of the candidates. After considering candidate’s education background, skill, work exposure and other relevant factors a formal opinion is formed.

Practical Test

Practical test is carried out under the recommended outline of the related trade. These outlines are either provided by valued employer/ O.E.Ps in other case we follow Internal Standard Classification of Occupation (ISCO), comes directly under international Labour Organization.

The candidate is given a practical assignment related to his trade by invigilator. All necessary material, tools and equipments required for Practical test are provided. In this way candidate’s performance is evaluated by the actual work he does. Practical tests are conducted in our own well-equipped workshops at Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

Some tests are conducted at relevant sites areas as well (Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators etc). We conduct trade test in almost all trades, few mentioned in Fee Schedule.